This handy deck of 36 prayers collected by June Cotner can used in a variety of ways. Carry a prayer card in your wallet or purse, take it on a trip, use it to meditate before bedtime, or choose one to peruse at any time during the day. These interfaith prayers deal with many spiritual themes such as light, faith, grace, hope, gratitude, and kindness. Here are four samples:

O Great Mystery of Being
"Let my small story
connect to your larger one.
May we breathe with one breath.
May we make this day holy together."
— Nita Penfold

Temporary Shelter
"Help me to remember
that in this world,
I am only visiting;
help me to have
the manners of a guest
and the hospitality
of family."
— Sally Clark

"In the center
of my heart
may the purest flame
rise up dancing."
— Janine Canan

Daily Prayer
"Hope of the dawn,
Joy of the day,
Peace of the night,
Renew us, we pray."
— Theresa Mary Grass.