Jane Bartlett is a freelance journalist who writes about health and parenting for a wide range of publications, women's magazines, and websites. She and her husband coordinate a children's ministry at an Anglican church in Brighton, UK, and are committed to developing creative spaces for families to explore their spirituality. In this accessible and user-friendly paperback, Bartlett presents 30 ways for parents to nurture their child's spirituality. At the outset, she outlines the principles behind her approach:

• A realization of how truly precious we are.
• An appreciation of the wonder of life in all its majesty and mystery.
• A deep sense that there is a unity to all things and that we are connected to each other and the earth.
• An understanding of the power of love in our lives.
• The ability to use the here and now, imagination, playfulness and creativity as a gateway to the spiritual.

Parenting With Spirit is divided into chapters on Starting Out, Family Spiritual Practice, Spiritual Life Together, A Home with Spirit, and Going Out Into the World. There's material on creating rituals for the holidays, seasons and other festivities; taking nature walks; storytelling with and without books; turning everyday activities into play; choosing toys with care; honoring silence in the home; considering your family's media habits; encouraging children's big questions; and much more.