This delightful and humorous gift book is perfect for any animal lover. Jane Seabrook is a designer and illustrator who lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband and two children. Here are 30 full-color paintings of a chipmunk, a giant panda, a crocodile, a green tree frog, a penguin, a grizzly bear, an eagle owl, a zebra, a lemur, a fruit bat, a ladybug, and others. Each creature offers some wild wisdom in the form of a sentence accompanying the paintings.

A frog holding on to a branch says: "Please don't tell me to relax, it's only the tension that's holding me together."

A smiling pig quips: "I'm looking for a party where I can be the designated eater."

A lemur says: "Inside every older person there's a younger person wondering what happened."

See the gallery at right to see some of these delightful spreads.

Humor and animals go together in Furry Logic, and the combination draws out the playfulness in us all.