In The Courage to Create, psychoanalyst Rollo May writes: "If you do not express your own original ideas, if you do not listen to your own being, you will have betrayed yourself." In this collection of essays assembled by Tona Pearce Myers, artists, sculptors, writers, anthropologists, and actors explore the soulful process of creativity. The intent of this inspiring volume is to empower readers to see that this gift of God is the birthright of everyone.

In the section titled "Brush with Inspiration," Hal Zina Bennett explores the link between creativity and the heart of shamanism. Stephen Nachmanovitch underlines the importance of spontaneous playfulness in all art. In "The Creative Encounter," Shaun McNiff presents ideas on being imaginative at work while Don Campbell discusses the importance of listening as a spur to artistic expression. Other standout essays in this collection are by Aviva Gold on the shadow and creativity, Eric Maisel on the power of failure, John Fox on words from the marrow, Adriana Diaz on creativity as practice and prayer, and Kent Nerburn on the power of art.