Brian Swimme teaches cosmology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and is the director of the Center for the Story of the Universe. The author notes that the Indians of South America teach that to become human "one must make room in oneself for the immensities of the universe." That is exactly what Swimme does in this celebration of the mystery and magnificence of the evolving universe.

In place of the isolation and alienation of consumerism, he recommends the delights and wonders of living embedded in Earth Community. Swimme ponders the new story of the universe and comes up with fresh ways of viewing the sun, the moon, and the Milky Way Galaxy.

One of the great benefits of cosmology is to "identify our deepest personal reality with the powers of the universe." This thoughtful and optimistic book will give you a deeper appreciation of the cosmos and your place in it. The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos is part of the Orbis Books Series "Ecology and Justice."