Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak was head of the Halveti-Jerrahi Order in Istanbul, Turkey, where he ran a bookshop. These talks, compiled and edited by Dr. Robert Frager, were given in California and New York over a period extending from 1980 to Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak's passing in 1985. Frager calls these teachings as "one ray in the magnificent rainbow of the world's treasury of spiritual wisdom."

As the mystical core of Islam, Sufism travels well all over the world. On these pages Sheikh Muzaffer explores the spiritual uplift of faith, love, submission, and generosity. Deeds done in this life have great repercussions in the other world: "When human beings remember God, angels are born. Gossip, criticism and other bad actions give birth to devils."

Sheikh Muzaffer proclaims the value of reading the book of the world and of seeing yourself "as a visible example of God." That is why treating strangers with great hospitality is recommended. Sufi courtesy is also evident throughout these talks as this teacher follows the names of prophets, messengers of God, saints, and great teachers with an honorific phrase, such as "God's peace and blessings be upon him" or "May his [or her] soul be sanctified." These spoken signs of respect are markers of the depth of this spiritual practice.