Karen Casey has spoken on spirituality, relationships, and personal growth for more than 20 years. She is the author of 18 books including Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow. This paperback is based on the 12 principles outlined in that resource where she points out that although we cannot change a person or situation, we can change our minds about the way we think.

Here is a list of the chapter heads in this collection of meditations: Tend to Your Own Garden, Seek Solutions, Let Go of Outcomes, Change Your Mind, Choose to Act Rather Than React, Give Up Your Judgments, Remember That You Are Not in Control, Discover Your Own Lessons, Do No Harm, Quiet Your Mind, Every Encounter Is a Holy Encounter: Act Accordingly, and Choose The Quiet Voice of Loving-Kindness.

Casey challenges us to see that the only things we can control are our own attitudes and behaviors. It is possible to change the ways we respond to others and to the difficulties that come our way. Here is a sampler of wise advice proffered on these pages:

• "We have so many more hours of day to appreciate the beauty all around us when we remember that we are not here to make hostages of others."

• "For today, let's remember that our security and worthiness come from our Higher Power, not someone else's behavior. Ever."

• "Ordinary situations become big deals when we exaggerate them by trying to force an outcome that satisfies us."

• "Making the decision to ask the question 'Am I bringing my better self into this moment?' has the potential for changing each experience and everyone present."

• "Judgments create a feeling of separation from others. We can't heal ourselves or help others heal in this separated state."