Margaret Silf is the author of several best-selling books and a regular columnist for America. She likes the idea of the faith as movement. We reviewed her first book published by a mainstream publisher in the United States and it was titled Wayfaring: A Gospel Journey into Life. This book develops the image of a sea voyage as a metaphor for the spiritual journey. Silf invites us to step aboard and to let go of old habits. She believes that we are all in the same boat and share the same apprehensions about being "at sea." But fear not, the author admonishes us, God is with us and our conscience is the compass.

This adventuresome paperback is divided into sections on the boat, the cargo, setting sail, navigating uncharted waters, the perils of the deep, being adrift, and dropping anchor. Silf begins with the boat and writes:

"Our life is like a voyage of discovery. Every moment is an opportunity to discover something of the mystery of God and God's desire for our personal living and growing. Every day is a chance to discover new ways of cooperating with the coming of God's kingdom on our planet Earth. The circumstances of our lives are the vessel, the only vessel, in which we make this voyage of discovery."

She explores our personal boat (a fusion of body, mind, and spirit), our control center, our energy (with a thought-provoking look at what drains us), and safety on board.

Throughout the author explores various dimensions of the Christian faith. For example, as part of the cargo aboard our ship are ideals from Jesus such as "food and drink for those who hunger and thirst, shelter for those who are exposed, gentle care and a listening presence for those who are hurting." Potential stowaways are old hurts and resentments, assumptions and prejudices, and comfort blankets that we have grown out of but can't let go of. You get the approach; it is very satisfying and brings out fresh meanings in the mystery and adventure of life as a voyage at sea with God.