Kurt Bruder was a scholar-teacher in human communication and psychology for many years before he became a spiritual teacher. He was named Kailash by his guru Bhagavan Das. In this informative book about chanting, he explains what chanting means to him:

"The word chant comes from the Latin cantare, 'to sing.' Of course, chanting is more than merely singing. It's using your powers of vocalization and hearing to directly experience and unite with the Great Mystery in sound form. Repeating sacred sounds drives their vibrations deep into your mind and heart, eventually taking you from where you are to where you want to be."

Chanting as a way of connecting with the Divine is a devotional practice in nearly all wisdom traditions. People also chant to support a healthy mental and physical life and to deepen their sense of community. Kailash covers the raw material of chanting — voice, mantra, and song — and goes on to discuss attention and affection and their positive effects on our minds and hearts. It is helpful, he says, to see chanting as a way of quieting the mind, forgetting the self, and expressing love to the Divine. Kailash concludes with comments on creating an environment for chanting, working with a group, and making the most out of Sanskrit mantras. The book also includes a CD of Kailash chanting.