Suzanne Zuercher is a member of the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago. She is a pioneer in the spirituality of the Enneagram and has presented workshops and programs on the subject around the world. Zuercher sees this system of spiritual psychology based on personality types as a path toward mature wholeness. The Enneagram divides people into three groupings: the 8/9/1 people who are called feelers, the 2/3/4 people who are called doers or imitators, and the 5/6/7 people who are called perceivers or observers. Each of these triads faces different issues and challenges according to their energy, emotions, motivations, and behaviors.

Zuercher believes that we are all called to be contemplatives and that the One Who Is Without Limits speaks to us in many different ways. She explores the approaches to the interior life recommended for each of the three groupings and then moves on to methods of prayer: focusing, image and symbol, nature and creation, working with dreams, and Eastern prayer. Zuercher makes a good case for using the Enneagram to deepen our self-awareness and to open to grace and personal growth as part of the contemplative journey.