Mina Parker is a freelance writer, editor, mom, and the author of several books. In this up-tempo gift book, she shows herself to be a master of everyday spirituality. Parker has put together a lively mix of meditations and quotations organized into four thematic categories:

• What You See Is What You Get
• Beauty Grows on Hard Ground
• Door Closes, Window Opens
• Weathering Storms, Celebrating Rainbows

The book is impressive first because of the astonishing photographs of Daniel Talbott, Artistic Director of Rising Phoenix Theatre, an award-winning playwright, and a photographer. Most of theme are of flowers, and they certainly go along with the bright and optimistic message of the book as a whole.

Second, although Parker may not have intended to do so, along with her brief meditations, she has put spiritual practices in the sidebars of the pages. These are simple ways to enhance the quality and depth of our everyday activities. Here is a sampler of her perspective:

• "Give yourself a silver medal as a reminder that there are more important things in life than the pursuit of perfection."

• "Start a recycling program in your mind. Depression into recuperation. Anger into reflection. Difficulty into exciting challenge."

• "Instead of letting your busy schedule wear you out, remember the love that guided your decision to give this much of your time and energy, and let that love energize and inspire you."

• "When you wake up tomorrow morning, say aloud, 'Universe, I'd like as many surprises as you can muster today, okay?"

• "Ease up on your protective impulses and live a little more deeply."

• "If we struggle against our fate and thrash around in opposition to the universe, we may miss the miracle that's waiting for a quiet moment of release to make its grand entrance."