"Do I have enough? Do I give enough? Can I work for a morally questionable employer? Can I pay my nanny under the table? What's so bad about a little credit card debt?" These are some of the poignant ethical questions swirling around our views about money.

This paperback, edited by Elliot Dorff and Louis Newman, begins with four case studies on morally troubling jobs, credit card debt, childcare, and allocating public money. The second part of the book is a Symposium in four parts. Articles on social issues cover a living wage; executive compensation in public corporations; government money; and money, women, children, and the Jewish future. Sections on personal issues around money, philanthropy, and reflections on the case studies include fascinating articles on managing money with contentment; a meditation on money and morality; and a piece on money, meaning and happiness. Editors Dorff and Newman conclude with an essay on the ethics of money where they salute the values of honesty, humility, and generosity.