"My dreams are filled with sex; my work is inspired with sexual energy; my family and friendships are influenced in so many ways by my sexual creativity that I couldn't even pinpoint them all. Most sex experts tell people to search for a sex life, to make it happen by getting out of the house into the right singles bar, but actually your sex life is rocking your boat every minute of every day," writes Susie Bright in the most enlightening book on erotic expression since Sallie Tisdale's Talk Dirty To Me.

Writing as a lover, a parent, a daughter, and an artist, the author takes a hard look at the sorry and sad state of sex in our puritanical, pleasure-hating culture. She then presents an exuberant celebration of the erotic element that animates all passion. She also comments on desire, sex talk, the titillation provided by the media, the difference between men's and women's sense of the erotic, sex lag, and celibacy.

After reading this sprightly volume, you'll agree with Bright that there's much more to sex than anyone admits. The last chapter contains the author's erotic manifesto, which includes the following advice: Claim your own fantasy life, expose your body to the sensuous elements, and take inspiration from everyone and instruction from no one.