Mark Linden O'Meara is a counselor, teacher, and author of several books. In this paperback, he has gathered a diverse and thoughtful collection of prayers from many wisdom traditions. They cover a wide variety of subjects under the thematic umbrella of "everyday living." Many of them are by O'Meara himself. Here is one he wrote on "Being Present:"

Creator, help me each moment,
to be more in my body,
to be practicing patience and tolerance,
to be fostering an intention of love and kindness,
to be breathing deeply the air of life,
and to be looking inward and outward,
to be finding meaning in all,
and in times of emptiness,
to be filling myself with hope.

Some of the prayers in the collection deal with the dance of bliss, surrender, commandments, virtue, hope, liberation, compassion, opportunity, relaxation, breaking of bread, and countless blessings. Here are some briefer prayers that are very enticing:

Write Your Name
Write your name,
in kindness, love, and mercy,
on the hearts of those,
who come in contact with you,
and you will never be forgotten.
— Thomas Chalmers

Goethe's Prayer
Treat people as if they were,
what they ought to be,
and you'll help them to become
what they are capable of becoming.

All May Be
May all be fed.
May all be healed.
May all be loved.
— John Robbins

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