Patricia Spadaro has coauthored six books on personal growth and practical spirituality. She is also a publishing coach, freelance writer, and executive editor. In this sprightly paperback, Spadaro challenges us to take a hard look at what she calls "the delicate dance of giving and receiving in every area of our lives." She believes that the chief cause of stress is our inability to participate in the play of paradox. The result is that we lose our balance. Spadaro calls upon the sages of East and West for their spiritual guidance.

The book is divided into four thematic sections:

• Fill Yourself and Honor Your Inner Needs
• Give Yourself Away and Honor Your Heart
• Free Yourself and Honor Endings
• Celebrate Yourself and Honor Your Own Voice

Losing balance is an uncomfortable feeling on the street or the dance floor. But it is even more distressing when this problem becomes a regular part of our lives. Spadaro provides a snappy series of "Keys to the Balancing Act" with gems on Seven Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries, Six Tools for Honoring Your Heart through Giving, Releasing Regret, Seven Strategies to Keep Voting for Yourself, and more. All of these resources add up to help for the reader give birth to his/her best self.