"A simple Hebrew blessing is a powerful thing," writes Marcia Prager, rabbi-haver of the Philadelphia P'nai or Religious Fellowship, "a one-minute, deeply meditative exercise exploring the nature of the Creative Force we call God and the dynamic relationship between God, human consciousness, and the unfolding universe." Jews have always used blessings, in a variety of settings, to sanctify the moments of their lives.

Prager probes the six opening words of a Hebrew blessing and finds in them the essence of Jewish spirituality. She blends ancient Talmudic and Hasidic teachings with modern insights from feminism, physics, and psychology. Those who walk the path of blessing stand in wonder before all the gifts of creation. They open their hands and hearts to give and receive the bounties of grace. And with humility, they stand in awe before the mystery and the paradox of God who is both beyond and within every human being. Anyone who chooses this path will find their spiritual practice greatly enriched and deepened.