This volume in the Spiritual Biographies for Young Readers series is about the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi, who through nonviolent protests led his homeland to independence from the rule of the British Empire. He saw all of India's people as his family and looked after them as a father does a child. He taught them about "Soul-Force," peaceful struggle for freedom, the use of the spinning wheel, the value of living in an ashram, and the importance of respecting the poorest people, known as "untouchables." Shaw ends the book with the following:

"Bapuji believed with all his heart that every good action and thought in our day could help make the world a better place. He said, 'God whispered into my ears, "Nothing great could be achieved unless one cares for the smallest thing." God hangs the greatest weight on the smallest pegs.' "

This biography includes the important events in Gandhi's life, a glossary of important words to know, as well as activities for children to do to better understand Gandhi's messages for people today.