When we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of someone we love, time can feel oppressive and elongated. Children are not very good at waiting, and every lesson in patience they can get is good for the soul.

Piglet loves her grandmother very much, and she has learned all kinds of wonderful things from her. When she doesn't arrive for her visit, Piglet tries to pass the time by keeping her balance while walking on a wall, by running fast, by doing somersaults down a slope, by playing hide-and-seek in the grass, and by swinging on the gate. Cow, Horse, Duck, and Sheep all assure her that grandmother will arrive shortly. When Granny finally gets there she has a huge surprise for piglet that makes all the waiting worth the effort!

This spritely story illustrated by Stephen Michael King and written by Margaret Wild reveals the rewards of patience and the bounty of the ties of love between grandparents and grandchildren.