In this enchanting children's book for those who are three years and older, author Samantha Davis and illustrator Sophie Fatus reveal some of the strong emotions that come to the fore when we fall in love with someone else. Bear's regular and predictable life in the forest is upset when he spots Bunny and begins imagining what a jolly good time they could have with each other during the four seasons: skating during winter, riding bikes in spring, having picnics in summer, and playing in leaves in the fall. All of these adventures take place in his imagination. The truth is that Bunny doesn't even know Bear exists. So he wonders how to introduce himself to her and make her happy: with flowers, a basket of goodies, or doing a song and a dance? Bear comes to the conclusion that he should just tell her how he feels and ask to be her friend. Samantha Davis has fashioned an engaging story about the adventures and delights of first love. Fatus's illustrations are perfectly in sync with the magical text.