We have already reviewed Passover, in which Harriet Ziefert offers her overview of this festive Jewish holiday. Here is another gem that ought to grab the attention of both Jewish and non-Jewish families. This enchanting children's picture book boasts a creative format that enables kids four through eight to appreciate the eight-day Feast of Dedication. Ziefert uses haiku to tap into the magic of each evening in a Jewish family's celebration of the holiday. At each page-turn, another candle is added to the menorah. The elegant haikus and the exquisite paintings by Karla Gudeon transport us to a state of heightened joy and a sense of renewal. Each night we move a little further away from darkness and despair as the light leads us onward. The family, the food, the remembrance of the past, and the dancing all combine to make the Festival of Lights an awesome Jewish holiday!