"Some dots are big (a drum), some dots are small (a ladybug), and some dots float (balloons), and some dots fall (apples from a tree)," writes acclaimed graphic designer Craig Frazier in this playful and wildly colorful picture book for children ages 4 through 8.

Some of us remember following the bouncing balls accenting a song's lyrics displayed on a television screen when we were children. Here we follow the dots as they are spotted in traffic lights, scoops of ice cream in a cone, weights on a bar bell, dots on a dog, and dots everywhere.

The world is filled with visual delights and it's a lark to reach the last page of this picture book and to catalog all the dots we've seen. Frazier's creative illustrations help us to savor the colors that comprise the wonder-world we live in — a world that consistently feeds our imagination with fresh ways of appreciating life. Children will want to return again and again to this cheery and clever book.