Bernadette McCarver Snyder is the bestselling author of more than 30 books that combine humor and inspiration. Her writing mixes faith with fun, laughter and prayer, to reveal God's heavenly surprises in everyday life. She invites a lot of readers to join her in looking for the holy: "I hear that soon one in five Americans will be sixty-five or over, which means there will be seventy-seven million in what is known as the 'third stage in life.'" Snyder has collected a batch of "senior moments" from family, friends, relatives, strangers, and others in this up-tempo and encouraging paperback on conscious aging. Johann Wolfgang Goethe once commented that "To grow older is a new venture in itself." The author agrees and provides plenty of examples of what this means.

Here are accounts of older men and women who have come to see that laughter is the best medicine; that to work part-time is a gift from God; that freedom is most palpable in one's senior years; that retirement can be a time of reading books and watching films you missed while working; that being part of the sandwich generation takes a lot of patience and courage; that being a pleasant and happy person is a blessing to others who are suffering; that helping others is a kind of fountain of youth; that the art of slowing down can at last be part of our lifestyle; that exercising the brain is as important to elders as physical exercise; and that there are plenty of examples of people who have used the last stage of life as an opportunity to expand their horizons and change their ways. Snyder's pop prayers are delightful and open new doors to appreciating aging!