Many people live in isolation and loneliness in big cities. They are too busy or too shy to reach out and make contact with others. It doesn't take much to make a stranger into a friend and yet millions remain separated from even those who live in a next door apartment.

In this spare story Mr. Duck and Mr. Rabbit pass each other every day on the way to work and then returning home. It would only take a few kind words to break the ice but they each lack the desire to do so. Whether they are sad or happy, walking on foot, in their cars, or on their bikes; they never say hello. Just think of all they have to share if they only introduced themselves and began to chat.

Writer and illustrator Natalia Colombo hits the mark with this depiction of the need for kindness and hospitality in city living. It can open new doors and lead to deep friendships. So Close has been written for children from ages 4-7.