Three little children lie in bed dreaming of rainbows and flying high in the sky. When asked what God dreams about, the kids imagine God's dreams are about people sharing, caring, holding hands, playing games, laughing, and crying. God dreams that human hearts are made whole when we love one another or see that we are all brothers and sisters even if we live faraway from each other or have different skin or beliefs. God's dream can come true as soon as we bring it to fruition in our daily lives. We are the carriers of this precious gift in a torn and tattered world.

The text is by Archbishop Desmond Tutu who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his lifelong struggle to bring equality, justice, and peace to his homeland South Africa. The ideas in this children's book have been adapted by him and Douglas Carlton Abrams from God Has a Dream: A Vision of Hope in Our Time. The illustrations by the award-winning LeUyen Pham add vibrancy to the story which honors the humanizing virtues of unity, diversity, and working together to create a more just and peaceful world.