In this edifying and inspiring collection of verse and meditations, Joyce Rupp explores the riches of her relationship with Sophia, the feminine wisdom in the Hebrew Scriptures. The author, a member of a Servite (Sisters of Mary) community, has found that she thrives in quiet places when the heart can be renewed. Each chapter contains spiritual exercises and journaling suggestions.

Sophia has taught Rupp that the darkness doesn't always have to be a scary place — as in the womb, it can be a nurturing space of growth. In "Sophia moments" of clarity, the author has learned to let go of ranking systems and feeling superior to others. Instead, she has been encouraged to see all of the people in her life as interesting dance partners in what Thomas Merton has called "the mysterious cosmic dance."

Sophia also tutors us in the art of listening and in being patient with the healing of old wounds. Through her playfulness Sophia enables us to see gratitude as the best way to express our spirituality. Rupp savors good memories of those who have touched her with their goodness and beauty. This gracefully written guidebook to inner work with Sophia is a gem.