Sometimes the relationship between a parent and a child is strained by the everyday pressures of life. A young rabbit sits at the breakfast table and lists a series of complaints and things that are bothering him. Mommy sleeps too late, she never lets him watch cartoons, yells for no reason, is late picking him up at school, and forgets to wash all his clothes. She hears these grievances from her bed and isn't prepared for the last one: "And you say you can't marry me, not even when I get bigger." Then the little rabbit says that he's going to leave and go far, far away. He walks out the door but soon has a change of heart. His mother has something important to say to him upon his swift arrival home.

Japanese writer and illustrator Komako Sakai has designed this realistic children's picture book for those who range from four to eight years of age. Mad at Mommy shows kids that being angry at someone we love is an emotion that evaporates with time. Parents should be able to take criticism and come back with love and forgiveness even when they are exhausted, depressed, or down in the dumps.