One of the necessary spiritual lessons that children want and need to hear is that the world is a friendly place. People are not enemies to fear, animals are not adversaries, and places are not scary unless we tell ourselves they are frightening.

Liz Garton Scanlon has written an awesome children's picture book for those who are four through eight years of age. Two children begin at the beach playing in the sand and looking for shells. They are assured that "All the world is wide and deep." A visit to a farmer's market is followed by the statement: "All the world's a garden bed." The kids climb a tree, consider the sky, eat at a restaurant, sit by the fireplace, and gather with others to listen to guests play music together. After this satisfying day of bounties, pleasures, and the exercise of all their senses. they realize that "All the world is you and me."

Marla Frazee's delightful illustrations convey the magic of the day. This extraordinary book was a Caldecott Honor Medalist. Children, as well as adults, can discover that we are all one family and the world is essentially a wonderful place that induces gratitude within our hearts.