Timothy Jones, a former editor of Christianity Today, presents a look at over 250 retreat centers representing all 50 states and most Canadian provinces. Over 1.2 million Catholics went on retreat at spiritual life centers across the U.S. in 1997. Many other religious people and seekers have joined their ranks. Jones calls this paperback "a travel guide to a territory of inward adventure, spiritual renewal, and holy leisure." He reveals that these places are run by monasteries, Protestant denominations, or para-church ministries. Each retreat center gets a description, commentary on accommodations and reservations, point of interest, and location.

A Place for God also includes a listing of various kinds of retreats and a glossary of terms. Jones lists some of the reasons why people go on retreats: to discover a climate of grace, to open one's soul to an encounter that refreshes, to find solitude, to nurture silence, to experience the power of rest, and to discover a proper rhythm for life. With quotes from Thomas Merton, Philip Zaleski, and Emilie Griffin, the author sheds more light on the value of seeking "a vacation for the soul."