Make no mistake about it, there are large and powerful forces out there destroying the planet and all it resources in the name of progress and financial success. But as this enlightening and inspiring book points out, there is also a committed and diverse community of young people dedicated to saving the planet while dealing with the daunting problems of energy use, overconsumption, the disappearance of the rainforests, the pollution of air and water, and other challenges. Emily Hunter, daughter of Greenpeace co-founders Robert and Bobby Hunter, is the editor of this paperback which contains essays by 22 eco-warriors who are doing what they can to turn things around. She writes:

"I believe it is appropriate to think of it as a war. Climate change alone is probably the greatest challenge humans have ever faced throughout our entire existence. The challenge is so great because the battle is not with external enemies but a war within ourselves. It is a war where we must stop ourselves in time to survive ourselves, with the planet as we know it hanging in the balance."

Among those featured in The Next Eco-Warriors are Australian Andy Ridley, the creator of Earth Hour; Enei Begaye, a Native American activist working against the destruction of her people's land with coal mining; Tanya Fields, who is using urban farming as a way of fighting poverty; Benjamin Potts, who is on a crusade to save whales; and David Nickarz, a cancer survivor in a campaign against the spread of dangerous pesticides.

Albert Einstein once observed: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Hunter shows how these dedicated environmental activists have come up with new ways of bringing about change in our world where corporations and consumerism rule. She also testifies to the global dimensions of this concerted effort to save the planet.