Brian Vaszily is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, life and business coach. He founded, one of the world's most popular websites for positive transformation.

If you are a doubter or a skimmer, then this book is just what the doctor ordered. Vaszily wants us all to make the most of who we really are and to dive deep into our experiences rather than be satisfied with surface things. What does the author mean by Intense Experiences? He defines them as "captivating, energizing, and revealing journeys inside yourself that will clear through your barriers and positively transform you as nothing else can. These journeys engage your mind, body, heart, and spirit." Behind them all lies the big question: What life do you envision for yourself?

In preparation for intense experiences, Vaszily suggests turning off the poison valves, revving up your hippocampus (the middle-lower portions of your brain), and journal writing. Intense Experience #1 is "Journey Back to Neverland," which really means enjoying life and being more playful about it. We loved Vaszily's list of recommended books (The Little Prince, Peter Pan) and movies (Spirited Away, Finding Nemo, Babe).

Intense Experience #2 is "Dive Deeper Into Your Blood," where the emphasis is on determining your character in your family script, creating your bucket list with loved ones, and thinking positively about the joys and triumphs of others.

Intense Experience #3 revolves around nature and consists of exercises such as planting and growing things yourself, being a dirty volunteer, and bringing plenty of the outside inside.

The other Intense Experiences deal with genius and creativity, laughter, revealing yourself, giving to really live, embracing death, and being like water. There are a lot more recommended books and films along with Vaszily's optimistic and peppy overview of what he sees as the adventure of life and the positive effects of personal transformation.