Dr. Judith Orloff, a psychiatrist and author of the best-selling Second Sight, is convinced that the future of medicine lies in "the integration of intuition and technological advances, the wedding of heart and mind." We can tap into our inner wisdom through dreams, sounds, gut feelings, a sense of knowing, and the creative flow of imagination.

Intuition, according to Orloff, is "a still, small voice inside, an unflinching truth-teller committed to our well-being." In today's fast-paced world, it can be used as a therapeutic tool for physical, emotional, and sexual healing. Orloff organizes this user-friendly volume around five steps: "Notice your beliefs, be in your body, sense your body's subtle energy, ask for guidance, and listen to your dreams." Our intuitive intelligence can be a boon when it is applied to illness, anxiety, depression, relationships, and death.

Orloff is a gifted storyteller and a pragmatic teacher. This book inventively shows how to interweave the intuitive aspects of our lives with practical everyday experiences.