The big rough-and-tough trucks that are working on the construction of a large building put in a long and exhausting day. Each has his special labor to perform. Crane Truck lifts beams up into the sky until it's almost dark. Cement Mixer sings through the day as he shakes and pours his load, and then he savors a special treat: a bath and then bed. Dump Truck carries things large and small and moves dirt around. But now he's tired and wants to sleep. Bulldozer clears the way to level ground but he too savors the peace and quiet of sleep on a soft dirt bed. And then there's Excavator who after a hard day's work is ready for a snooze.

Sherri Duskey Rinker has written a convincing children's book about the natural rhythm of work and sleep. Kids will identify with these big trucks and their need for rest after seeing all the hard tasks they perform at the construction site. The illustrations by Tom Lichtenheld are bold and impressive. This bedtime story has been designed for children ages four through eight.