A vociferous little boy comes up with a truck-load of reasons why he won't read a book. But before we list some of them, let's look at the causes of this behavior. Number one he admits himself: "Reading is hard and I don't read fast and sometimes there are words I don't know." Number two: He doesn't need to read because he is already an incredibly imaginative kid as demonstrated by the reasons he gives. Number three: He really has nothing against books and enjoys being a drama queen. Let's say that all three are true.

Cece Meng has written a strange but telling children's book which ought to appeal to little boys from 4 through 8. Many of them are resistant to reading books given the sensory thrills of all the high tech games they can play. The author makes it clear that in the end books cannot be assigned like homework from school. The best way to handle this is to wait and let the child take the initiative. The surprise at the end of I Will Not Read This Book is worth the wait.