Yoga originated in India more than 5,000 year ago and is practiced today by an estimated 16 million people in North America alone. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "yoke." It can be loosely translated to mean "to join" or "unite." Hatha yoga describes exercises and is the form that most people are familiar with. What are the benefits of regular practice? Many writers have pointed to discipline, strength, and self-control while cultivating relaxation, awareness, and equanimity.

Baron Baptiste is the author of this accessible children's book for youngsters 4 through 8. He believes that it is never too early to start yoga. The format revolves around 9 poses with a description, accompanying pictures, and a summary such as: "The tree pose teaches us to support ourselves with strong roots so we can reach high and remain stable, yet to be flexible at the same time."

Baptiste has also included Helpful Tips for Young Yogis with ideas on preparation and practice, having the right attitude, and yoga and your life. The best thing about My Daddy Is a Pretzel is that it connects yoga to everyday life.