Meister Eckhart (1260 -1329) was a controversial philosopher, mystic, feminist, preacher, theologian, poet, and administrator — a true Renaissance figure before the Renaissance. The Catholic Church had a rough time with this multi-talented man and labeled him a heretic. Matthew Fox, who popularized creation-centered spirituality in our time, finds great spirit and spunk in Meister Eckhart's writings. He has collected some of his favorites and put them together in this paperback. The quotes, poems, and excerpts are arranged under four thematic headings:

2. Letting Go and Letting Be
3. Breakthrough and Birth of Self, God and Self as child of God
The New Creation: Compassion and Social Justice

Here are three examples of the source material in this book:

• "God is voluptuous and delicious. . . .
All creatures speak of God the way I have."

• "My soul is as young as the day it was created,
Yes, and much younger!
In fact, I am younger today than I was yesterday."

• "Everything praises God.
Darkness, privations, defects, evil too
praise God and bless God."