"I took the moon for a walk last night. It followed behind like a still summer kite," says the very kind and imaginative boy on the opening pages of this enchanting children's picture book. He is not afraid of the dark but has thoughtfully brought a light just in case "the moon got scared and hid its face." With a caring gesture, the boy warns the moon to go a little higher so it doesn't get spiked by a church's tall spire.

This walk is not a private affair: a band of dogs howl as if they were a choir and the night crawlers are out in the dark squirming around. The boy marvels at the way the moon is both above and below when its refection shows in the water under a bridge. As a loyal companion, the moon follows the boy home and watches over him as he falls asleep and has sweet dreams.

I Took the Moon for a Walk has been written by Carolyn Curtis and is designed for children ages one through seven. The simple but elegant illustrations by Alison Jay convey the delight of the boy and his new friend. Some interesting facts about the mysterious moon and the world of night are provided at the end of this large board book. We thoroughly enjoyed this adventure and salute the creative and lyrical energy that went into this wonder-filled book.