"There is a mystic in every one of us," Matthew Fox has written, "yearning to play again in the universe." This superb children's book for youngsters four and up is written by Martin Boroson, a playwright and director of the Tenemos Project, which explores the relationship between theater, sacred space, and spiritual practice. The illustrations are by Christopher Gilvan-Cartwright.

Here God, who speaks the text, is a playful lover who creates a world filled with diversity: "I liked to make myself into different shapes. Lots of different shapes — all me." God is continually creating: "I do it all the time now." After making a human, God proclaims: "Just one moment ago I was so big and now I'm so little. It's like I'm all wrapped up in love."

Becoming Me presents a convincing case for panentheism — everything is in God and God is in everything. How wonderful for children to sense their divine origin and the holiness of all creation! "I like it best," God declares, "when you discover me. Then we play together, you and I." This nondenominational and nonsectarian work draws out the mystic in us all and affirms love as the linchpin of the universe.