Pat Fosarelli is a theologian, physician, and lay minister. She teaches spirituality and practical theology at the Ecumenical Institute of Theology at St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore, Maryland, and is on the part-time faculty in the Department of Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

This handy and helpful field guide offers a survey and overview of the ten most prominent Catholic spiritual traditions along with a brief history of the tradition's founder, other well-known practitioners, highlights of its main characteristics, examples of an honored prayer or spiritual practice, and resources for further exploration.

Here is a list of the ten spiritual traditions covered by Fosarelli:

• Augustinian spirituality
• Benedictine spirituality
• Cistercian spirituality
• Carmelite spirituality
• Dominican spirituality
• Franciscan spirituality
• Ignatian spirituality
• Salesian spirituality
• Lay spirituality
• Mystical spirituality.