Melinda Ribner is the director and founder of the Jewish Meditation Circle. She is also a certified social worker and psychotherapist. In this ambitious work, the author seeks to present "a synthesis of Jewish and New Age thought and spiritual practice." She is convinced that ancient kabbalistic teachings have great relevance to the quest of today's seekers for wholeness. "Meditation is the doorway to the unity consciousness of the New Age."

After starting off with considerations of the oneness of God, the how and why of creation, the kabbalistic tree of life, and establishing a Jewish meditation practice, Ribner moves on to a look at various examples of Jewish self-help, including transforming suffering ("Suffering is the price we all pay for the gift of free will."), fixing our mistakes ("It is a good thing to routinely ask forgiveness from people we are close to because it is very possible that we have hurt them unintentionally."), and the kabbalah of sexuality (the best day for sexual intercourse is the Sabbath).

The last section of the book is titled "The New Age Is So Jewish." Here Ribner demonstrates the points of convergence between Jewish mysticism and New Age ideas. She discusses angels, reincarnation, holistic healing, Jewish vegetarianism, and the Jewish Messianic New Age.

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