Remember when you used to spend hours filling in your coloring books? It was an activity that seemed to stretch time. The different colors you used were propelled by your emotions and the mood of the moment. It didn't make any difference to you whether other people said the sky is not green or teeth are never blue. And it certainly didn't matter whether or not you strayed outside the lines of the outlined figures in the book.

Carolyn Manzi has designed a delightful coloring book for adults that will bring out the playful and creative child in you. It is organized around a prayer party "to honor God and celebrate your spirit." She suggests varying your coloring materials — crayons, pastels, markers, and color pencils will all do. Besides her inventive drawings to work with, there are blank pages to fill in your own personal imagery. At the end of the book she even offers a list of musical suggestions to accompany your coloring.

At one point, the author notes: "Prayer is the breath of the soul. Whispers and images are the soul's language." On these pages, you will find imaginative illustrations captioned with reflections and affirmations that both entertain and enlighten. There are also guidelines for "Passionate Prayer and Making Your Dreams Come True," ideas for a prayer party, instructions for making prayer beads, robes, cards, and pillows. Manzi concludes: "We use talismans or power objects to anchor our intention in our imaginations, invoke divine assistance, and awaken our power to believe in our vision."

Coloring Your Prayers is an enchanting gift to bestow upon a family member or friend who needs to exercise his or her playful spirit. Add a small sack of beads, a box of crayons, a pad of drawing paper, or a piece of fabric, and the creative possibilities are endless!