Tulku Thondup was born in Tibet and studied at the Dodrupchen Monastery. He is the author of three previous books including The Healing Power of the Mind. This immensely practical work spells out the wonders that can abound from tapping the riches of the mind-body connection. Using meditation exercises developed over the centuries in Tibetan Buddhism, Thondup demonstrates how they can help facilitate both peace of mind and physical well-being. Or as he puts it: "We need to take good care of ourselves and learn how to be more encouraging and positive in our attitudes."

Thondup explains how to make the most of four healing powers: positive images, positive words, positive feelings, and positive belief. These powerful qualities of mind form the foundation of the twelve meditation exercises in the book, which include ones on healing your body with waves of light and energy, sharing the healing waves with others, and resting in oneness with the healing experience.

The principles and practices of Tibetan Buddhism place a lot of emphasis upon the transformative energies of imagination and memory, which can be used to bring light and positive energy to the body. Of course, pessimism and negative thinking are toxic energies that can block or stifle healing. That is why Thondup's words about calming the body and the mind are so salutary. I personally plan to use his meditation exercises for falling asleep and for waking up.