In the Mexican film, Like Water for Chocolate, a mysterious connection is made between the emotions of those who cook and the experiences of those who eat the food they have prepared. For instance, when a young woman sheds tears into a wedding cake batter, those who eat the cake suddenly find themselves crying profusely.

In The Mystic Cookbook, Denise Linn (the author of 18 books and a popular radio talk-show host) and Meadow Linn (who writes a food and lifestyle column and a blog "Savor the Day") have created a marvelous cookbook and spiritual resource that is abounding in ceremonies, wisdom tradition insights, and personal anecdotes. There are more than 100 color photographs and recipes from Mexico, Vietnam, France, North Africa, and India. The Linns write:

"A Legendary Meal is more than simply good food. It's a profound experience that ignites all the senses and expands consciousness by increasing your awareness of other realms, cultures, and times in history. This is the kind of meal people will talk about for decades. A Legendary Meal combines the knowledge and skills you've gained to catapult your dining experience into an even higher dimension."

Linn and Linn's mystic chef adventure teaches ways to unleash the life-force energy in foods, to cook with Spirit, and to make a sacred space out of the kitchen and dining areas. They lead us to strange but compelling frontiers including spiritual food for spiritual breakthroughs, time traveler meals, treats to trigger past life memories, sensuous eating experiences, letting the color of food affect your consciousness, and serving magical meals that can activate abundance, success, or love in your life.

The Mystic Cookbook is an extraordinary spiritual work that deserves a large audience!