Joseph Emet is a Dharma teacher in Thich Nhat Hanh's tradition and founder of the Mindfulness Center in Montreal. In this down-to-earth paperback, he presents techniques adapted from mindfulness practices to cope with sleep disturbances and sleep deprivation. In the foreword, Thich Nhat Hanh observes: "The key to powerful sleep is a peaceful mind, and the Buddha has a peaceful mind."

Physicians suggest that we give up smoking, coffee, and alcohol just before going to bed because these will have an adverse effect on our ability to fall asleep. Emet suggests that we go further by dealing with the busy mind, agitated thoughts, and negative moods. Meditation can soothe these turmoils with gratitude and contentment.

The author also has some ideas on going to sleep with your eyes open, dealing with "brain spam," becoming aware of emotions (anger, worry, lack of confidence), and tamping down impatience. He affirms that meditation and action go together, that it is helpful to talk back to your mind, that it is imperative to be gentle with yourself, and that it is possible to turn sleep disturbances into lullabies.

The last section of this paperback consists of "Guided Meditation Exercises — Seven Weeks Toward Mastering Mindfulness Meditation" with material on calming the mind, taming the mind, body scans, loving kindness meditation, time is now, observing the breath, and the mind is a painter.