Kato is a young, hard-working Ugandan boy who makes the same trek every morning at dawn to get water from the faraway borehole. While the rest of the village sleeps, he makes his way beyond the gates, walking past soldiers guarding a field where cattle are grazing. At the borehole, he fills two jerry cans with water.

On the way home, Kato peeks into the truck of an aid worker and sees all kinds of things his neighbors need. In a garden, he finds the perfect gift for the woman who has brought many things, including tennis shoes for all the kids including Kato.

Alma Fullerton has written this simple but eloquent account of how giving is a boon to both the giver and the recipient. A wise Chinese proverb says: "A lot of fragrance always clings to the hand of one that gives roses." That is certainly true of Kato. Hats off to Fullerton and illustrator Karen Patkau for this touching African tale about generosity and kindness!