As we go about our lives, commonplace experiences can become vehicles of the Divine Presence. The mysteries of life are conveyed "through bread, wine, ashes, earth, water, oil, tears, seeds, songs, feastings and fastings, pains and joys, bodies and thoughts, regressions and transformations." Such is the incarnational and sacramental vision of Gertrud Mueller Nelson who has been involved in Montessori education, Jungian studies, and liturgical art. Bill Moyers has said in praise of To Dance with God that it "has been an important book in my life for some time now."

The author's vibrant vision entails a creative and poetic Church that engages and celebrates the human experience. Nelson locates within the seasons of the Church year a richness and depth that addresses our hunger for both the transcendence and the immanence of God. After plunging through the elements of celebration (tradition, psychology, imagination, gestures, feelings, and paradox), she eases into substantive treatments of Advent, the Christmas Season, Carnival and Lent, Holy Week and Easter, Pentecost, and The Feast of the Assumption.

Reading this profound work, we sense both the challenge and the fulfillment in being co-creators with God in an ever-expanding and expressive world. Muller is convinced that a new Advent is already begun and now is the perfect time to dance with God.

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