The Jewish holiday of Sukkot revolves around the huts the Jewish people constructed as they wandered in the desert after the Exodus from Egypt. This fall celebration also accents the harvest. Jewish families all over the globe create wooden structures, called sukkah, outside their homes and synagogues where they gather and often eat.

Michael brings a watermelon to join the other fruits in the school sukkah. The students try to hang his contribution using a string, tape, and even rubber bands but it is too heavy and cumbersome. But the patience of the class members and Michael's creativity eventually find a solution!

Sylvia Rouss is an award-winning author who created the popular Sammy Spider series and many other children's books. This one is a collaboration with her daughter Shannan Rouss. It is illustrated by Ann Iosa. This paperback is designed for kids ages 3 through 8.