Barry Eaton is an Australian intuitive reader with psychic and clairvoyant skills. He has conducted a meditation and development group in Sydney for more than ten years and currently hosts an Internet radio program on In this book, Eaton shares information he has picked up in his communications with those who have died and passed over to the other side. He explains that after the physical body perishes, the life force is transferred to the etheric body and then on to the astral body for the journey back to the spiritual realm. Some souls do not wish to move on after death and they get stuck on the earth plane for a short or long time. Many movies have been made about these disoriented souls who haunt houses.

Eaton writes about things he has learned about the journey home to the spirit world and the tunnel linking the two realms. He describes some near-death experiences, most of which are positive. Love is "the driving force" of afterlife and it manifests itself in a visit to a healing center, a life review session before a Council of Elders, the supportive presence of soul families and soul mates, the Cosmic Library, communicating with people on earth, and preparing for a return to this world.