Sylvia Boorstein, a co-founding teacher of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Goodacre, California, and author of "That's Funny, You Don't Look Buddhist," has come up with an entertaining and edifying 80-minute presentation on the art of mindfulness. The tape is designed to be used by drivers in their automobiles. Boorstein is a skilled and relaxed storyteller whose sense of humor always delights.

If you find it difficult to be present when you're behind the wheel, this audio program is for you. If you have ever experienced road rage, this is for you. If you drive the same route every day yet have not really seen what is in front of your eyes, this is for you. Boorstein offers a variety of helpful suggestions that will bring you to wakeful attention.

Even when you are tired, short-tempered, and distracted, there is always something fresh that can be gained while you are on the road. You can clear your mind. You can wish yourself well or bless others. You can pray for those in accidents. You can make a vow to drive safely and skillfully. You can smile and then smile again. You can practice road courtesy. You can savor beauty when your car is stopped. Boorstein's dharma understandings are eminently rich, practical, and healing. This is one of the best audios you could ever present to a loved one or friend as a gift.