Jack Kornfield is a best-selling author, meditation teacher, and therapist. After returning from Asia in 1972, where he lived as a Buddhist monk, he co-founded the Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock Center. In this adaptation of his recent book, Kornfield explores the true nature of illumination and the fact that there is no "enlightenment retirement." Much of the material here is based on interviews with Western meditation masters, lamas, rabbis, abbots, nuns, yogis, and teachers, and their most senior students.

Under the overarching umbrella of spiritual practice, the author discusses the fires of initiation, the heart as the mother of the world, emotions after enlightenment, honoring family karma, the gifts of community, awakening with all beings, and the laughter of the wise. Kornfield is a skillful teacher who marshals insights from all religious traditions in his exploration of the patience and the determination needed to stay focused on the spiritual path.

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