When Daisy's parents try to convey the excitement of moving and going to a new school, all she can see are a series of worries in the form of "what ifs?" Such as, what if she didn't like the new house? What if her cat didn't take to the place? What if she didn't make any new friends? When Daisy expresses her worries to her grandfather, he gives her a different perspective.

But What If? is another book in the "Our Emotions and Behavior" series developed "to provide a starting point for further discussion about children's feelings and behavior, in relation both to themselves and to other people." In this children's picture book by Sue Graves, Daisy gets carried away on a sea of worries related to moving. Luckily, her grandfather is there to steady her and point out that looking on the bright side of things will bring energy and joy into her life. And certainly that is a better place to be than imprisoned in anxiety and negativism.

Graves also includes an opportunity for kids to tell their own stories about worry and two pages of notes for those sharing this book with children.